Award Description

Learning from Liveable Cities: The Joyce Drohan Travel Award is a $10,000 award for a student enrolled in a UBC SALA graduate program, and is made available annually through a gift from family and friends in memory of Joyce Drohan. Eligible students must have completed a year, or be in a graduating year, of an eligible UBC SALA program and must be planning to undertake travel-based research related to design for liveable, sustainable, and resilient cities.

Research applicable to Canadian cities is preferred. Students whose research includes collaboration with international students, municipalities, institutions, or non-governmental organizations are especially encouraged to apply.

Deadline: February 15, 2023

Your completed application form and all required support material must be submitted by email on or before the deadline date by 11:59 pm (Vancouver time). Incomplete or late applications will not be assessed.

Prize amount -- $10,000 CDN

The winner of the award will be announced on or about March 19th , Joyce Drohan’s birthday. The first award will be made in the 2022/2023 winter session.

Eligibility – Who can apply?

Graduate students doing a research thesis or project that culminates in a master’s degree in urban design, architecture, or landscape architecture from the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia. To be eligible as a student, you must be enrolled full-time at the school.

Activities – What can I apply for?

You can apply for travel that will support your research thesis or project. Your proposal may consist of multiple trips and destinations over a maximum of a one-year period from the grant of the award. Proposed activities can include:

  • Visits to cities that have found ways to successfully promote liveability, environmental sustainability, community engagement, or resilience.
  • Meetings with architects and urban designers in those cities.
  • Meetings with students or institutions you are collaborating with in those cities.

You cannot apply for activities that occur before the award is granted, nor for participation at conferences, colloquia, and workshops, or for wages or stipends. The award is for research- related travel only.

Assessment – How are decisions made?

The adjudication and selection committee is composed of the director of the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, at least one of the eligible academic program chairs (architecture, landscape architecture, or urban design), and member or delegate of Joyce Drohan’s family. The committee may decide not to award the prize in a given competition if none of the applications meets the criteria. All committee decisions are final.

Assessment criteria:

Your application will be evaluated based on the strength of its alignment with the award’s intentions and its potential to respond to contemporary challenges to liveability, sustainability, and resilience in Canadian cities. The intention of the award is for students to learn from international experience on how to address these contemporary challenges in a way that is humanist, timeless, and honest.

Required information and support material – What you need to submit

Please see the application form for specific details: [Qualtrics form / on line submittal]

  • Your curriculum vitae and contact details.
  • A proposal (maximum 500 words) describing the rationale, scope, products, and intended outcomes of the proposed research and travel
  • Proposed travel schedule
  • Proposed travel budget [template provided]
  • Name of a SALA faculty reference who can attest to your capacity to undertake the research and could act as an advisor
  • Confirmation of support or participation if you are proposing external collaboration
  • Acknowledgement that you will return and present the following year at an event at the school in March. Your presentation will coincide with the announcement of the next award winner

Application preparation

  • You are responsible for providing all the information and support material requested
  • Submit only the material requested

Personal information

We will only use the personal information in your application for the purposes related directly to the award

Prize terms and conditions

  • The prize will not be awarded posthumously.
  • This award is taxable and a T4A slip will be issued, at the appropriate time, for grants and awards paid to individuals. If you have tax-related questions, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency or your provincial or territorial revenue department.
  • The winner agrees to have their photograph and public information used for promotion of the award.
  • The winner will acknowledge the support of Learning from Liveable Cities: The Joyce Drohan Travel Award in any promotional material or presentations based on the travel funded by the award.
  • You will make a presentation on the results of your research travel at the UBC School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture the year following receipt of the award. In this way, you will spread your knowledge to the broader community. The exact format and timing of your presentation will be decided in consultation with the director of the school. The use of digital media, such as a website, video, or podcast, is encouraged.

Instructions – How to submit an application

Send your completed application form, required documents and any support material as one pdf document on or before the deadline date by 11:59 (Vancouver time) to Please include the name of the prize in the subject line. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 3 business days, please contact us.

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